The Northern Rivers Wildlife Hospital will have a significant role to play in the conservation and protection of wildlife and their habitat across the Northern Rives and in New South Wales more broadly. The Northern Rivers is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and our unique flora and fauna needs dedicated care and protection.

Our goals are to advance the natural environment by preserving and re-establishing the natural habitat of native animals; to advocate for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat; and to encourage other local charitable, cultural and environmental projects that are aligned with our vision.

NRWH’s impact will extend beyond the emergency care needs of individual animals to influencing and implementing systemic improvements in wildlife care delivery.

Further to this NRWH will seek out opportunities to work with Universities, TAFE’s, and scientific groups on wildlife care, research, medical advancements and how wildlife interacts with agricultural pursuits.

As a centralised organisation dedicated to world class care and treatment of sick and injured wildlife NRWH will also play a key role in advocacy and conservation of our natural environment.