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The Northern Rivers region of NSW is one of Australia’s biodiversity hotspots, with biodiversity of international significance.  It is home to many of the nation’s unique, rare and threatened animals. A permanent wildlife hospital is desperately needed in the region to assist the very strained network of wildlife carers and provide wildlife with the expert veterinarian services they need, to be given a real chance of survival. Unfortunately, the pressures on our wildlife are continuing to increase and the numbers of animals needing veterinary services is growing. Every life we can save counts.

The Northern Rivers is home to some of the most active wildlife care groups in NSW – they urgently need better access to vet care and more support to provide swift and efficient rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release of our wildlife.

With limited qualified wildlife veterinary care in the Northern Rivers, sick and injured animals are often transported to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in QLD – a trip that usually takes over an hour – or local vets deal with the animal as best they can at their own expense and on their own time. Sadly, this often means that for many injured animals the only answer is euthanasia.

Evidence shows that early triage assessment and treatment by a specialist veterinary team results in better animal welfare outcomes and improved release rates. A permanent and centrally located wildlife hospital in the Northern Rivers will improve outcomes for our wildlife.

During the bushfire crisis in 2019-20 it’s estimated that nearly 3 billion animals died, pushing some species close to extinction. We may never know how many animals died right here in the fire-grounds of the Northern Rivers.

We urgently need to scale up our local and regional capacity to care for sick and injured wildlife as the extinction crisis escalates.

Your Donation

Your generous gift will go directly towards establishing a fully functional, world class wildlife hospital in the heart of the Northern Rivers at Wollongbar.

The Northern Rivers Wildlife Hospital will

  • Operate a world class veterinary facility to treat, prevent and relieve the suffering of orphaned, injured or diseased native Australian wildlife through rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release;
  • Advance the natural environment by preserving and re-establishing the natural habitat of native animals;
  • Improve community knowledge, engagement and active participation in the protection of wildlife;
  • Establish research and educational programs related to environmental conservation and wildlife health;
  • Advocate for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat;
  • Collaborate and partner with other local charitable, cultural and environmental projects

Specifically you will be helping to

  • Purchase and install specialised hospital equipment
  • Renovate and develop our new premises in Wollongbar
  • Plant 1000 trees to feed and nurture injured animals
  • Provide training for our staff and volunteers
  • Contribute to wages of our vets and vet nurses

Your donation will save the lives of sick and injured Australian Wildlife.


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