Medical Care

The Northern Rivers Wildlife Hospital will operate a world class veterinary facility dedicated to the critical care and rehabilitation of wildlife. Our veterinary team will be led by a highly skilled wildlife veterinarian, who will be capable not only of the highest quality clinical treatment, but also of student training and program implementation.

Local veterinarians recognise that wildlife care is a specialised skill that many local vet surgeries do not have. NRWH intends to fill this skill gap with the assistance of our strategic partners.

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for community preparedness for new and emerging infectious diseases. Approximately 70% of new and emerging infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic. These diseases have spilled over from wild animal populations and into domestic animal and human populations. Scientific evidence shows that the current trends of habitat destruction and climate change are leading to new infectious diseases emerging as humans and domestic animals come in closer contact with wild animal populations. In addition to providing veterinary care, NRWH will play a significant role in community preparedness and resilience by becoming a local disease surveillance site as part of the national Sentinel Clinic Wildlife Disease Surveillance program.