What We Do


The Northern Rivers Wildlife Hospital will operate a world class veterinary facility dedicated to the critical care and rehabilitation of wildlife. Our veterinary team will be led by a highly skilled wildlife veterinarian, who will be capable not only of the highest quality clinical treatment, but also of student training and program implementation.

Local veterinarians recognise that wildlife care is a specialised skill that many local vet surgeries do not have. NRWH intends to fill this skill gap.


We are proud to be part of the strong, caring community of the Northern Rivers. Environmental conservation is fundamental to so many of us in this region and we know that our community will be the key to our success.

We aim to improve community knowledge and engagement by establishing research and educational activities related to environmental conservation and wildlife health; to educate on the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat; to work closely with and encourage other local charitable, cultural and environmental projects; and to become a centre of excellence in wildlife vet care Рfreely sharing those learnings amongst the community.


Our goals are to advance the natural environment by preserving and re-establishing the natural habitat of native animals; advocating for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat; and encouraging other local charitable, cultural and environmental projects that are aligned with our vision.